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Canada’s Steel Producers Set A Goal to Achieve Net Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050

Canadian Steel Producers Association announces new Climate Vision

OTTAWA, March 4, 2020 -- The Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) today announced its goal to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. This goal is the central plank of the CSPA’s newly unveiled Climate Call to Action -- an industry first that lays out the necessary conditions to achieving this significant vision.

“We know that climate change is a global challenge that requires our collective action. While net zero is an aspirational goal, we believe we can achieve our vision of a low-carbon steel sector if we work in collaboration with governments, stakeholders, customers, and the supply chain.” says CSPA President Catherine Cobden.

Steel is 100% recyclable and the most recycled material in the world. Canadian producers continue to improve their environmental stewardship and have reduced emissions by 25% since 1990 by improving energy efficiency and by ensuring best practices across their operations.

“Canadian steel producers are proud of our contribution to the circular economy and the overall sustainability of our processes.” says Cobden. “However, to achieve our goal of net zero, we must develop new break-through technologies. The scale of the challenge is significant but by working with others, we believe we can find new ways to meet this challenge.”

As part of the Climate Call to Action, the CSPA has outlined five key conditions for success:

  • Creating unique partnerships and research collaborations;
  • Developing and adopting breakthrough clean technologies and innovative products;
  • Driving operational excellence through state-of-the-art manufacturing;
  • Levelling the playing field and supporting carbon advantages of domestic use of Canadian steel; and
  • Remaining global leaders in sustainability, energy management and environmental best practices.

“Canada has positioned itself as a global leader in fighting climate change. To get there, we must create conditions that both drive low carbon transformation and the maintenance of our competitive position.” says Cobden. “Through this effort, the Canadian steel industry is signalling it is ready to work with governments and partners to address this challenge while keeping our industry strong and competitive well into the future.”

The full Climate Call to Action can be found here.

About the Canadian Steel Producers Association

The Canadian Steel Producers Association is the national voice of Canada's primary steel and the pipe and tube industry, dedicated to ensuring a competitive and sustainable business environment for its members and supply chain stakeholders. Canadian steel producers are integral to Canada's economy and a vital supplier to many segments of North American industry, including the automotive, energy, construction, and transportation sectors.

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