Canadian Steel.

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Vital Economic Engine

The Canadian steel industry has a long, proud history as a cornerstone of the Canadian economy. Steel is inextricably linked with Canada’s economic growth and prosperity. Steel producers are significant employers in Canada as well as enabling economic growth as a critical supplier to other key sectors, such as manufacturing, infrastructure, transportation and energy.


Steel is 100% recyclable and the most recycled material in the world. Canadian steel producers are an integral part of the global circular economy by playing a pivotal role in the recycling of steel and other metals. Canadian producers continue to improve their environmental stewardship by adopting innovative technologies and by ensuring best practices across their operations.

Essential For Everyday Life

Steel is everywhere in our lives and essential to modern society. Canadian producers provide steel for automobiles, buildings and infrastructure such as rail, roads and bridges. Canadian steel is also essential in the oil and gas industry from drilling and extraction to processing and distributing to renewable energy production.

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