About Us

The Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) is the national voice of Canada’s $15B steel industry. Our member companies annually produce approximately 13 million tonnes of primary steel as well as over 1 million tonnes of steel pipe and tube products in facilities located across Canada. Domestic steel operations directly employ some 23,000 Canadians while supporting an additional 100,000 indirect jobs.

Canadian steel producers are a critical component of Canada’s economy, serving the needs of North American customers with high quality, competitive, and innovative products. Key market segments for member companies include: automotive; energy discovery, extraction, and transport; major infrastructure projects; commercial/residential construction; and many general manufacturing applications.

CSPA’s primary role is to work with governments and our industry partners to advance public policies that enable a competitive business environment for the domestic steel industry and supply chain stakeholders. We are committed to fostering a strong and sustainable future for Canada’s vital steel sector and enabling our members to prosper in both domestic and international markets.